Marry That Girl


Sometimes I wonder if Ron takes this seriously.*

I never expected to start a band blog only to be one-upped by my guitarist.  That’s a good thing, actually, and I’ll explain why later.

Ron has been a posting FIEND over on Facebook since I bugged him to post an entry here, and with the feedback I got from our last free track he was inspired to offer another one: Marry That Girl.


Ron records his line of the song.

The story behind this song is that it started out as a rockin’ ode to a boy zombie. That didn’t last long. While I was trying to come up with a way to flesh out the rest of the song (see what I did there? eh?) I was accidentally reminded by a friend of an event from my distant past.  The story and the riff got along famously and I ran with it. It has ruffled its share of feathers when we play it live. To all you guys out there that think this song is about you: It is. Tie the knot or cut the string already.

The rehearsal track we recorded loooong before it was decided it would go on album #3 got a lot of attention on SoundCloud for some reason, so now the album version of Marry That Girl is available FREE to download. Go on. You know you want to. Add it to your workout playlist – we promise it is upbeat enough.

As for why I’m not too bothered by Ron out-awesoming me here on the blog:  For a really long time I made the mistake of being a one-trick pony when it came to promotion. I relied on Facebook and MySpace almost exclusively because, well, they worked. They got the word out. People knew where we were and came to shows. Now they don’t, and it’s not because of us — it’s how we promote. Ron took the reins and ran with them because I had been demoralized from failed attempts to market the Troublefaker brand. I was doing it wrong. Who knew?

I like the whole “song a week” direction we seem to be going in. I guess I’d better get to writing.

*SPOILER ALERT he does, he’s just a happy guy.


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